Frequently Asked Questions

What does Annual Club Membership provide?
– Centre based competition for all U6 – U16 athletes during both the summer (track & field) and winter (cross country) seasons. The summer season encompasses 18 weeks of competition including handicap, nitro, multi-event and relays days.
– On-Track skill development for all U6 – U8 athletes on competition days.
– Year-round training and development with Athletics Australia qualified coaches between 5 -6pm each Tuesday from 27th August and Thursdays from 10th October 2019.
– Region and state-based competition for U9 – U16 athletes (entry/qualification dependant).
– Access to Little Athletics Victoria Junior Development Squad training for U12 – U16 athletes (qualification dependant).

How much does Little Athletics cost?
Registration fees for Collingwood Little Athletics are $199 per child for the full 2019/2020 season which includes both the Summer – Track and Field and Winter – Cross Country seasons.

Family Discounts apply to families who register 2 or more children. This discount is applied at the time of registration when multiple children are registered at the same time. Discounts apply for each additional child and fees are:
2 Children $358
3 Children $ 537
4 Children $716
5 Children $895
** Should your family options need to exceed a family of 5 please email us at

Members can pay online using the following options:
Credit Card online (Mastercard, Visa) / Prepaid Credit Card or via Paypal.

How do I register my child?
If your child or children would like to take part in Little Athletics at Collingwood, you need to register your child(ren) online. Registrations open on 20th August 2019 for the 2019/2020 Summer Season. Click here to register.

There are two options for registration; full registration where you complete all details via the link above and complete the payment for the membership online, or part-registration. Part-registration is handy if your child is not 100% sure about athletics and they’d like to give it a try before committing.

If your child would like to try out athletics at Collingwood before committing to the membership, you can part-register online but not complete the payment part at the end of the process. You are then entitled to 2 free ‘come and try’ competition days at Collingwood. To come and try, just come along to one of our competition days and check in at the registration desk in the clubrooms at Collingwood to obtain a ‘come and try’ competition tag and have your name checked off (refer to the Club Calendar for our competition days and times). If your child decides to join after 1 or 2 ‘come and try’ sessions, you can just go back into the confirmation email from Little Athletics Victoria and finalise the online payment to join for the season!

All registrations completed online are viewable by our membership/registration team, who will prepare a competition tag for your child or children once the membership fee is fully paid, so just head into the clubrooms at the next competition day to pick up your competition tag once your registration has been completed.

All registrations must be undertaken through the Little Athletics Victoria (LAVIC) website, and all payments for membership must be undertaken online via the registration website. We cannot take any payments for registration on site.

What Age Group will my child be in?
Age groups are determined by the age of the child as at 31 December 2019. For example, if your child is turning 11 before or on 31st December 2019, they will be in Under 12s for the 2019/2020 Season. Click here to see an age group calculator.

Please note that a child must have turned 5 before trialling or registering for Little Athletics.

Can my child try Little Athletics before joining?
Yes, we allow 2 free ‘come and try’ sessions as a trial period before having to commit to payment of your registration. (See above – “How to register my child” for more detail.) Athletes wishing to trial athletics should submit a registration online without payment and then once you are certain the athlete wishes to continue, you can return to your LAVIC email and follow the direction to complete the payment for membership. Please note the ‘come and try’ trials only relate to first-time members, (i.e. never been registered at Little Athletics in the past).

How do I add an extra child to my family registration?
We’ve all been there – one child says they don’t want to compete this season only to change their mind a few weeks later. In the mean time you have paid for their sibling(s) to join Little Athletics. Don’t worry you are still entitled to the family registration discount.

In order to receive the family discount, a registration application must be submitted only (without making payment) for the additional child. Once this has been completed please call the LAVic office and they can adjust the registration fee from the back-end and send out an updated invoice or you can simply pay over the phone.

Alternatively, if you have paid for an extra child after paying for another child, in a separate transaction, you can contact LAVic and request a refund of the amount owed to you for the family discount.

What level of ability does my child have to be?
Our emphasis is on Family, Fun & Fitness. Children can join with any level of skill or fitness. Children are given lots of coaching support and encouragement to achieve Personal Bests (PB’s). We are focused on your child’s personal achievement and enjoyment.

Do parents have to volunteer?
Yes – as we are a 100% voluntary organisation, we operate with the assistance of parents in fulfilling the varied duties required. If we have insufficient volunteers, then events will not start on time or may have to be cancelled. We email a request for volunteers each week so please sign up in advance at the website. Otherwise see the volunteer coordinator out the front of the clubrooms when you arrive and sign up to assist for an hour or so.

Little Athletics is one of the few sports where parents can become fully involved in their child’s sporting interests. Volunteering is the best way to learn. Each event will have an official who can provide instruction and support. You can also volunteer to assist with the BBQ, timing events, setting up and packing up. Please help – each competition is more likely to start on time and finish on time if there are enough volunteers.

Do Children need to wear a Uniform?
Yes, all registered athletes must purchase and wear the Centre uniform. Children doing one of their two permitted “Come and Try” trials may wear comfortable sports gear until they complete full registration and payment. The Centre uniform consists of:

1. Centre singlet: Available for purchase at the Centre following registration. The singlet can be worn with or without a plain white t-shirt underneath. Centre crop tops are also available.

2. Plain black shorts: No logos or pockets. Plain black leggings are permitted at weekly competitions (but not for walks or at Region/State events). Shorts are available for purchase at the Centre, or you can purchase at any discount, department or sports store.

3. Sponsor’s bib: Showing the athlete’s name, age and registration number is required to be pinned to the front of the singlet every week. The bib has a bar code sticker for electronic timing. Bibs are provided by the Centre following registration. Please ensure you remove the bib from the singlet prior to washing and ensure you re-attach. You must have your bib with you each week to participate. They are not easily replaceable, and we may charge a replacement fee if the volume of replacement requests warrants it.

The approved Centre uniform must also be worn when competing at other Centres (Open Days) and at all Little Athletics Victoria Region / State competitions.

How can I track my child’s results at Little Athletics?
Results are available online at – you will be sent a username and password when you first register for Little Athletics. We aim to upload results as quickly as possible after competition days. Full instructions on how to access Results HQ can be found here.

Will my child have the opportunity to win medals or trophies?
We encourage athletes to “BE THEIR BEST”. Trophies, medals, ribbons and certificates are awarded at specific events during the season (Multi Day, Handicap/Nitro Nights). Members who meet the minimum participation criteria are also eligible for various end of season awards presented at our Awards Night in late March/early April. See the Awards Policy in the Policies section of our website for full details.

When can my child participate in Little Athletics?
As soon as they’ve turned 5 years old. Come along to our Welcome Day & Skills Clinic on Saturday 21st September 2019 to get a taste for little athletics. Our first competition will be held on Saturday 12th October. Members are welcome to participate in as many or as few of the 18 meets held at Collingwood during the summer season (October to March) as well as cross country season (April to August) as they choose.

Our ‘Season Calendar’, including Little Athletics Victoria region and state events, is available on the Collingwood Little Athletics website and via Team App. Regular updates sent by email / posted on Facebook and Team App include the weekly event program for each age group, reminders about upcoming events and any changes to dates and times.

Does Collingwood Little Athletics have a Weather Policy?

We certainly do. The Competition Manager is responsible for making decisions regarding the conducting of events, based on the weather conditions. Competition Days will only be cancelled or abandoned if weather conditions are extreme as per Little Athletics Victoria Policy (summarised below). Check Team App for updates if you are uncertain.

Centre competition days will be called off if the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) temperature for Melbourne exceeds 38°C at the commencement of, or during, the program.

Centre competition days will usually proceed; however, the program may change to a Wet Weather Program, dependent upon conditions.

Sun smart and hydrated
Remember to bring a hat and sunscreen. Please also bring your own water bottle. We ask you to label your children’s hat, bottle and clothing for easy identification to avoid a large ‘lost and found’ unclaimed pile by the end of the summer season.

How do you keep members informed about the club including events?
Team App is the preferred communication method for the club. You can register for Team App here.

We also update news and have resources on our website. Facebook and email are also utilised to keep members fully aware of what’s happening.