All registered athletes must purchase and wear the Centre uniform. Children doing one of their two permitted “Come and Try” trials may wear comfortable sports gear until they complete full registration and payment.

The Centre uniform consists of:

  1. Centre singlet: Available for purchase at the Centre following registration. The singlet can be worn with or without a plain white t-shirt underneath. Centre crop tops are also available.
  2. Plain black shorts: No logos or pockets. Plain black leggings are permitted at weekly competitions (but not for walks or at Region/State events). Shorts are available for purchase at the Centre, or you can purchase at any discount, department or sports store.
  3. Sponsor’s bib: Showing the athlete’s name, age and registration number is required to be pinned to the front of the singlet every week. The bib has a bar code sticker for electronic timing. Bibs are provided by the Centre following registration. Please ensure you remove the bib from the singlet prior to washing and ensure you re-attach. You must have your bib with you each week to participate. They are not easily replaceable, and we may charge a replacement fee if the volume of replacement requests warrants it.

The approved Centre uniform must also be worn when competing at other Centres (Open Days) and at all Little Athletics Victoria Region / State competitions.